The ARDENT8 project aims to support actors from low-income backgrounds who have graduated outside London and struggle to transition into this capital city, where there are increased opportunities to gain acting employment.

The full programme consists of:

  • 10 practical acting workshops led by industry professionals.
  • 1 session dedicated to the business of being an actor.
  • 1 ‘scratch night’ performance in central London.
  • 1 week professional performance at a central London theatre.
  • Ongoing advice and mentoring.

“A wealth of knowledge, both technique in performance and of a wider industry context has been offered up to me and a passion for performing I had thought may be dead is now well and truly alive.”

“I learned to be confident in my belief that I am an artist.

“Dusting the cobwebs off and getting stuck back into performing. It reminded me why I do want to do this.”



The Ernest Cook Trust
Foyle Foundation
The Leathersellers’ Company Charitable Fund
The Mercers’ Company