A young, talented drama teacher is adored by his students but looked upon with scepticism by those in middle management. He was employed in haste because the school needed to find a replacement quickly. He was more than qualified for the job, not in terms of teaching qualifications per se, but because of experience within the industry that he was at that school to teach. But pressure from Government has meant that unless this dynamic teacher conforms with the demands of the new regime at the school and work towards a teaching qualification then he will be forced to resign.

PIECE OF MIND is a short play that shines a light on drama as a subject within academia and the ease with which Government is happy for the arts to be one area of learning that is deemed secondary.

Writer Andrew Muir
Director Tarek Iskander
Stage Manager Fiona Jane Coombe
Film and Edit Gareth McLeod


Gavin Aden Gillett
Max Ian Bonar

Andrew chose The Labour Party from the Party Lines hat.