how will we get this play on?


Raise £100,000

Tapping into the power of the people, we will soon be launching a major campaign to get 100,000 people to donate just £1 to the project.


MATCH FUND £50,000

Once we have secured our initial pot of £100,000 of donations and pledges we will make an application to some of the larger grant givers including the Arts Council England. Our pitch will be to ask for matched funding against the money we have already raised.



The final stage is to sell as many tickets as possible as our final source of income. The more successful we are in steps 1 & 2 the cheaper we can make our ticket prices.

Why do we want to put this play on?

Strike! tells the story of a group of Irish shop workers, mostly women, who who stood up for something they truly believed in, sometimes at great personal loss. It's based on a true event that took place in Dublin 1984-87 and these strikers played a major part in supporting the anti-apartheid movement of that time. The play celebrates these women and we believe their story deserves to be heard. It's an uplifting, funny, deeply moving play that champions ordinary people who do extraordinary things.

Why does it cost so much to produce?

We're committed to paying those involved at least the minimum recommended fees. A huge amount of time and effort goes into making the 90 minute experience for audiences the best it can be. Strike! has a cast of 16 actors playing 48 characters between them and the cost of 4 weeks of rehearsals and 4 weeks of performance, plus rehearsal room and theatre hire, set, costume and props costs, the fees for designers and director, plus marketing to ensure we make sure as many people know it's on, soon adds up.

How can I help?

Make a donation and help us reach our first step £50,000 target. CLICK HERE to give now or click the donate button below.

Buy a ticket for the show when announced through our E-ZINE newsletter and social media. Sign up at bottom of the screen.

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