Wed 15 May - Sat 8 June 2019


1988. Thatcher’s Britain.

Seventeen-year-old Luke runs away to London – away from homophobic playground slurs, headlines that scream ‘Don’t Teach Our Children To Be Gay’ and a family who wouldn’t understand him – to Uncle Martin, who he once saw with his arms around another man at a march.

In the capital, Mark is sacked because of fears about colleagues working with ‘someone like him’. His boyfriend, Selwyn, faces being beaten up both by the police and at home by his own stepbrother. Meanwhile, Debbie battles with her son, who doesn’t want to live with her and her girlfriend.

And retired piano teacher Miss Rosenblum – who once found refuge in this country from a terror that swept away half her family in 1930s Vienna – has seen this sort of hatred and fear before.

Soon, these individual stories – of first loves and old flames, alliances and abandonment, missed opportunities and new chances – intertwine to paint a vivid picture of Eighties Britain.

This Island’s Mine was originally performed by Gay Sweatshop in 1988. Now, three decades after the introduction of Section 28 banning positive representations of homosexuality, Philip Osment’s passionate and lyrical play, of outsiders, exiles and refugees, is all too resonant.


Martin/Stephen/Prospero Theo Fraser Steele

Selwyn/Dave Corey Montague-Sholay

Jody/Mme Irina/Debbie/Wayne Rachel Summers

Marianne/Maggie/Miranda Rebecca Todd

Miss Rosenblum/Vladimir Jane Bertish

Mark/The Director/Frank Tom Ross-Williams

Luke Connor Bannister


Writer Philip Osment

Director/Designer Philip Wilson

Lighting Design Rachel E Cleary

Sound Design Dinah Mullen

Costume Supervisor Bronya Arciszewska

Assistant Director Alexandria Anfield

Production Manager Toby Burbidge

Stage Manager Stevie Wren

Assistant Stage Manager Chloe Brown

Assistant Sound Design Sepy Baghaei

Assistant Costume Supervisor Line Jia

Press & Public Relations Kate Morley PR

Publicity Image Curtis Holder


Theatre Weekly ★★★★★

“It’s a masterpiece of writing actually, as the audience is swept up in the frenetic movement from scene to scene, many actually leaning forward in their seats to drink in these bite-size pieces of ordinary lives in extraordinary times….Philip Osment’s hugely compelling writing paired with Philip Wilson’s flawless direction makes this a defining portrayal of gay life, which is fast becoming gay history.”

The Spy in the Stalls ★★★★★

“A heartwarming, poetic drama…a triumph. See it if you can.

QX Magazine ★★★★

"Blended together like a Love Actually tapestry of interweaving narrative threads, this medley of queer stories presents a sweeping portrait of gay life in Thatcher’s Britain."

Queerguru ★★★★

"fun and illuminating...PHILIP OSMENT’s play is once again unbelievably and depressingly topical"

Ham & High ★★★★

“myriad storylines of chaotic lives are compressed into a dizzyingly compact odyssey that conjures up a heady hit of London life.”

British Theatre Guide

"A well-deserved and much overdue revival... it speaks to us now as much as it did in 1988"

Once a Week Theatre

“The rich themes of lives and loves, family and community, make for captivating stories…the cast all impress by taking on multiple roles, swooping ages, nationalities and genders, often with wit. This Island’s Mine has both tragedy and comedy to recognize and inspire an audience; the play’s success boils down to superb storytelling, excellently delivered.”

Upper Circle

“after it finishes, for a few moments it follows you out on to a multicultural street in Islington, with a feeling of optimism and unity, thinking that, just maybe, things will get better.”"

ARTWORK By  Curtis Holder

ARTWORK By Curtis Holder