Our Vision

Theatre is a place where no one feels like an outsider.

Our Mission

We achieve this through the stories we choose to tell, the people we employ to tell them and the audience we engage to experience them. We are committed to producing theatre that speaks about the world we live in; both newly commissioned writing and established text with a contemporary relevance. Our work always enables us to have a voice within the mainstream theatre scene or engages audiences on a grassroots, national level. Through our artistic development programme and casting policy we support the careers of young, recently trained artists from outside London. We work with non-theatre organisations that share similar ambitions to take a sector-wide approach to giving voice to those who struggle to be heard.


We believe theatre should be for everyone, irrespective of their background or economic circumstances. We believe artists deserve fair pay based on industry-recognised rates. We believe theatre can be a vehicle for change, where we challenge or deepen our understanding of the world.

We believe in bringing outsiders in.

Creative Directors

Andrew Muir
Mark Sands


Andrea Ortiz

Rebecca Hunt

Saleem Fazal

Sarah Reilly


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